What Chinese people think while driving

Chinese street
Chinese street

Yellow guys: I am ashamed for not being smart and/or though enough to leave the queue and cut in somewhere forward. I am all but a cowardly sheep. I’ll take my revenge not leaving one single millimeter from my front bumper and the next car, so nobody can cut in.
Blue guys: I am so smart: I am running forward instead of waiting in the queue like those suckers. Sooner or later there will be an opening, maybe a wimpy girlie or some old coward who can’t manage to stick to the car in front. I’ll cut in like a hawk and I’ll have saved precious seconds. I only have to pay attention to the shitheads on the left, I won’t let in a single one!
Green guys: I am smarter than the smart people. I’m taking a big risk running ahead like this but I know I can manage. I’ll cut in at the first hint of hesitation of some sucker on the right. I am really smart smart and I have big balls too. I am a winner. I’ll show no mercy to those dumb fuckers on the left. Die! Die!
Orange guys: I am super smart. I am clearly superior to all those retards on the right. I am so smart that I guess I’ll get rich very soon, just because I am so smart and I have huge iron balls. With steel studs. Pointy. And I’ll buy a bigger car so I can bully everyone else and no douchebag will ever dare to cross my road.
Red guy: I am Zhu Geliang*

*look it up on wikipedia

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