Infographics 1

Hi all, welcome to the first installment of “China in infographics”!
Today’s rant is about traffic rules (or the complete ignorance about those).
Please consider the situation depicted in the following picture:

the problem

The picture shows a bus stop, where people get off the bus at point A.
Suppose you have to go from point A to point B.
What would you do? Probably something like this:
common sense

Now, imagine you are driving a car in China.
You are approaching a bus stop, and you are preparing to overtake the but that has just stopped.
You don’t want to roll over anyone, so you are thinking: “People are stepping off the bus, but I am driving a car, they don’t want to be hit, they’ll be careful, I don’t have to worry.” Right?
This is what EVERYONE will do:
common sense

The won’t look before crossing, and generally won’t give a sh*t if you screech your tires to halt, honk, flash lights, yell or similar.
Only if you succeed in cornering one so that he has no way to continue walking, then he will stop abruptly as if a sinkhole just opened in front of him.
Then he’ll pull a bewildered face, look around (but not at you) and then continue in another direction, just like a zombie or an automatic sweeping robot.
So, dear wimpy white man, be warned!
Chinese people have Important Business To Do, they don’t have time to follow stupid traffic rules.
YOU oughta, though.
Happy driving!
Goodbye to the next installment of “China in infographics”!