Sono contento se qualcuno mi lascia delle osservazioni di grammatica, per cui non esitate a lasciare commenti!
I’d be happy to have suggestion about grammar, so don’t hesistate to leave comments!

文法 (ぶんぽう) grammar
暗示 (あんじ) hint, suggestion
嬉しい (うれしい) happy
論調 (ろんちょう) comments

X-て下さい: please do X
A から B: since A, then B

语法 (yǔfǎ)
如果 (rúguǒ) if
任何人 (rènhérén) somebody
便条 (biàntiáo) note
按语 (ànyǔ) comment

文法 is also used in Chinese, but I always said 语法 so I used the word here too.

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