Durante la permanenza a 肇兴 (Zhàoxīng) andammo a fare una gita in un altro villaggio 侗 (Dòng) ancora più sperduto, di nome 堂安 (Táng’ān); altitudine circa 1000 metri.
All’ingresso del villaggio c’è un albero con davanti una lapide di pietra la quale riporta la seguente iscrizione:




The tree of Joan Jest
“A Brief introduction of Joan Jest”
Mr. Joan jest was born in 1952 at Tulin Norway and grown to a famous eco-museologist. As the scientific consultant of the Sino-Norwegian cooperative eco-museum in Guizhou province, he twice made light of traveling of thousand miles to Tang’An for the research and construction of the Eco-museum in the years of 1995 and 2000. On April 6 2001, as the heavy loss of the Sino-Norwegian cooperative projects, he unexpectedly died from cardiovascular disease when he was researching in Siberia of Russia.
Being esteemed with Dong ethnic custom and lifestyle, joan Jest had a deep love of Dong ethnic culture, and was enthusiastically welcomed to Dong villages.
He had devoted his energy for the construction of Tang’an eco-museum.
To commemorate the international friend Mr. Joan Jest the Dong people of Tang’an planted this Chinese fir in 2002 and named it as “The Tree of Joan Jest”.

Ho anche scovato su internet delle foto del signor Jest:

La seconda foto però ritrae Joan in compagnia di una ragazza non 侗 ma 长角发苗 (cháng jiǎo fā miáo) “Long horned Miao” (link).
Questa minoranza vive sempre nella provincia del 贵州 (Guìzhōu), a nord-ovest, ma non so esattamente dove.

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